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About Limkokwing Academy of Creativity & Innovation

  1. What is the Limkokwing Academy of Creativity and Innovation?
    The Limkokwing Academy of Creativity and Innovation is an open access point for skills training to be more responsive to the specific demands of employers and learners. The Limkokwing Academy Professional Diploma's are more relevant to employers' needs and more accessible to a wider range of learners.
  2. Is Limkokwing Academy different from the Limkokwing University?
    The Limkokwing Academy is a part of the Limkokwing Worldwide Group and applies all of the Limkokwing University standards of facilities, international education benchmark and students services quality to ensure that your education meet international requirements.
  3. Will the certificates be issued by Limkokwing Academy or Limkokwing University?
    Upon completion of your programme the Professional Diploma will be conferred to you by the Limkokwing Academy of Creativity and Innovation.
  4. Who will benefit from a Limkokwing Academy Professional Diploma?
    The Limkokwing Academy Professional Diploma is designed develop an industry-wide workforce that is skilled and competent in 21st century content creation and management capabilities.

    These programmes are specifically created to be easily adopted by:
    • Learners focused on programmes that leads directly into industry
    • Graduates interested in skills retraining to meet industry requirements
    • Employees shifting from one industry to another
    • Current employees for competency upgrades
  5. What are the benefits of the Limkokwing Academy certifications and as compared to diploma and degrees offered elsewhere?
    The Limkokwing Academy Professional Diploma's are accelerated programmes to ensure students who graduate from the programmes are equipped with the necessary skills of the chosen fields.

    The key take-aways of the professional diploma programmes are to allow you to:
    • Get the skills and qualifications that employers are looking for.
    • Gain industry specific qualifications that can help in your personal and career development.
    • Fit learning around your home and work lives.
    The participants of the Professional Diploma programmes will learn through a series of skills based programmes to ensure only the best of industry practices are taught to the students and that the graduating students are industry ready in the shortest time possible.
  6. Are the programmes offered on a part-time basis?
    Yes the Limkokwing Academy programmes are offered as a part-time programme. However this availability on a part-time delivery is based on the student population (minimal 10 students) of the classroom.
  7. As a business how can I benefit from the Limkokwing Academy Programmes?
    Business owners can take advantage of the Limkokwing Academy programmes on varied of different levels.
    • Human capital development: businesses with a human resource and recruitment plan can use Limkokwing Academy to train skilled workers for future employment. Students will can be sponsored into the Limkokwing Academy programmes and be trained specifically for the business needs and there contribute immediately after graduation, cutting away valuable time and resources to train new employees on company culture, services, expected results and produce measurable results immediately.
    • Skills retraining: businesses can use the flexible academy programmes to ensure that their current employees are kept up to date with new industry trends and standards.
    • Community service responsibility: businesses can use the Limkokwing Academy as a channel for community service by sponsoring students into the Limkokwing Academy programmes.
  8. What language will the programme be delivered in?
    Limkokwing academy programmes will be delivered mainly in English but the Limkokwing Academy Facilitators will assist the students in Bahasa Malaysia & Mandarin.
  9. What job opportunities are available for me after graduating in a Limkokwing Academy programme?
    Graduates of the Limkokwing Academy are channelled directly into the industry through the Academy's international network of industry partners. Graduates are trained from day one to develop skills that are matched with industry requirements thus making them some of the most in-demand graduates and valuable human resource to the industry's growth.

Programmes & Certifications Information

  1. What is a Professional Diploma?
    TProfessional Diploma are certifications developed by the industry and executed by Vocational and Professional training organisations such as the Limkokwing Academy.

    Professional Diplomas offers strictly hands on and practical learning to ensure that the graduates are easily adopted by the industry and contribute towards the development of the business on day one of employment.
  2. Is this programme accredited?
    The Limkokwing Academy programmes are supported by the industry and academic development follows the stringent operational standards of Limkokwing University.

    This ensures that the syllabus and curriculum developed are of industry and international standards.

    Recognitions and benchmarking of the programmes are carried out internally by the Limkokwing Academy Facilitators and trainers as well as industry professionals.
  3. How does the industry participate to ensure that the programmes are matched with the industry needs?
    Industry captains are involved in the development of the curriculum to ensure that the graduates of the Limkokwing Academy can immediately be employed by the Industry upon graduation.

    This includes the structuring of learning outcomes, standard facilities (softwares, hardware, learning materials and equipments), and soft skills that is required from graduates.

    The realignment of the Limkokwing Academy programmes with the industry are done yearly and industry members are invited to view and interview students at the end of each semester through the Academy's Students Work Exhibition programme at the end of every semester.

    In addition to curriculum and facilities development, students of the Limkokwing Academy programmes are required to participate in industry placement and/or industry projects programmes to introduce the students to a practical working environment.
  4. What is the mode of education?
    Limkokwing Academy Professional Diploma programmes are full time programmes focused on skills and hands on learning.

    Part-time delivery are available for organisations that wishes to train current employees (minimal 10 students within the same class) but unable to commit to a full time programme.
  5. How long is the programme duration?
    Students now can equip themselves with 21st century careers skills in 2 years as compared to conventional degree and diploma programmes.

    The programme scheduling allows students to complete their programme through a series of classroom and practical learning terms.
    Item Semester 1 (12 weeks) Semester 2 (12 weeks) Semester 3 (8 weeks)
    Year 1 Classroom Learning Classroom Learning Projects/ Internship*
    *Available for selected students
    Year 2 Classroom Learning Classroom Learning Projects/ Internship*
    *Available for selected students
  6. What courses does the Limkokwing Academy offer?
    The Limkokwing Academy offers programmes focused on diverse skills on the to leverage on the knowledge and creative economy including multimedia, interactive arts, hair design, fashion and facial design, broadcasting, interior design and Business and ICT industry.

    Limkokwing Academy will offer 25 industry focused programmes that will be introduced to the general public in stages. Currently, Limkokwing Academy is offering Multimedia, Sound and Music and Communications programmes.
  7. What are the facilities Limkokwing Academy provide for the duration of the studies?
    Limkokwing Academy students are given the opportunity to use the same standards of facilities and equipment as the students of Limkokwing University, which includes:

    • Online libraries, study resources and journals
    • Industry standard Digital Creative Studios, Video Content Development equipment, software and studios, music and sound studios, and hair design learning saloons.
    • International Students Services and co-curricular management
    • The Next Generation job placement agency services for free
    • Participation into any Limkokwing Innovation, Creativity and National Unity events as participants or organisers.
  8. What language will the programme be delivered in?
    Limkokwing academy programmes will be delivered mainly in English but the Limkokwing Academy Facilitators will assist the students in Bahasa Malaysia & Mandarin.
  9. Are the lecturers of the Limkokwing Academy qualified?
    All Trainers and Facilitators of Limkokwing Academy are trained facilitators specific towards the industry of your interest. These trainers are also given training in the areas of classroom teaching and pedagogy to ensure the highest quality of classroom delivery.
  10. Are the credits of the Limkokwing academy programmes transferable?
    Limkokwing Academy credits will be accepted into any institutions that will accept prior learning and working experience.

Enrolment & Financial Details

  1. When are the upcoming intake dates for the Academy?
    The next immediate intake of the Academy will be on the 20th of September 2010.
  2. What are the tuition fees for a programme in the Limkokwing Academy?
    All Limkokwing Academy programmes will follow the fee schedule below:

    Item Tuition Fees Resource Fees Security deposit WOC
    Year 1 RM 8,000 RM 1,000 RM 500 RM 90
    Year 2 RM 12,000 RM 1,000 - -
  3. What are the other fees required for my studies in Limkokwing Academy?
    Other payments required are as follows:

    Items Amount Payment Schedule
    Registration Fee RM 500.00 Once
    Resource Fee RM 1,000.00 Once a year
    Security Deposit RM 500.00 Once and refundable after completion of studies
    WOC reference book RM 90.00 Once
  4. Will there be any financial assistance for this programme?
    At the moment Limkokwing Academy programmes does not offer financial assistance options.
  5. How do I pay for my tuition fees?
    Students of the Limkokwing academy are required to make one year payments at the before the commencement of the first semester at the start of each academic year. Students may opt to pay via cash, credit card or cheque.
  6. Are there instalment payment options available for the tuition fees?
    There are no instalment payments options readily available for students, however current students may appeal for instalment payments to be reviewed by the Limkokwing Academy Management. The decision and approval of the instalment payment scheme is at the discretion of the Limkokwing Academy management and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  7. What are the tuition fees refund policies?
    Students that does not meet the requirements and study policies of the Limkokwing Academy constitution and Terms & Conditions will not be given a refund.
  8. Where will my education take place?
    The Limkokwing Academy programmes will be delivered in Innovasi 5, a brand new high-tech purposed built education building in Cyberjaya.
  9. What are the entry requirements for a Limkokwing Academy programme?
    There are no entry requirements (SPM, O-Levels or A-levels) for the Limkokwing Academy.